Reliable sole mold manufacturer

Wenzhou Huihuang Mould Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional manufacturer of PU mold sole molds integrating design, casting, production, sales and service in China. It specializes in manufacturing and producing all kinds of sole molds. The company's existing processing center, engraving machine, CAD/CAM and other advanced processing equipment, reverse engineering and have various test mold mechanical equipment. There are more than 100 professional and technical employees in molds, more than 50 R&D and designers, and strong technical force.

Factory direct sales

Because there is no middleman to earn the difference and give you real discounts

Industry experience

We have been established for more than ten years. Technology is mature


For us, accuracy is very important, we have been holding on

Professional proofing

The proofing technology is mature, and the attitude is serious and rigorous, which can meet the needs of a variety of molds

Professional answer

Our customer service has relevant professional experience and can answer your questions

Quality Inspection

All products have passed strict factory inspection before leaving the factory. We are attentive, you can rest assured

Technical strength